Here are some screen shots of the touchscreen
operator interface. Click on the images to see
a larger view.
This recent development project involved creating a 2 axis precision linear positioning system for 2 large vertical bandsaws (Scrag
mill w/8"wide bands 55" diameter wheels, & 60HP ea.) The large mass of the bandsaws made hydraulic actuators ideal so we
developed an electro-hydraulic positioning system using PLC control logic and digital servos for +/- .005" positioning accuracy with
hydraulic actuators. The system, allows the customer to be highly flexible in their milling process while achieving maximum yield from
the material at a much lower cost than expensive scanning systems. For more detail on this system please read an excerpt from the
manual on our manuals page.
Mill control system with computer controlled setworks for horizontal band resaw mill with 24
Mill control system with computer controlled setworks for horizontal band resaw mill with 24
This is a horizontal band resaw  mill control system with a
Silvatech setworks system integrated into the operator
Inside view of the PLC based Scrag mill
control panel.
Planer Mill cut to length trimmer control
Motor control and power distribution panel (9) 7.5HP motors + (1) 5HP variable speed drive
This is a trimsaw MCC and control panel, this very simple
cotroller automatically senses rough board length as the
board travels into the enclosed trimsaw and trims the board
to the longest standard length possible (up to 20') while
displaying the current cut length to the operator. The
operator may also override the automatic selection to trim
wane or other defects. There are 9 trim saw motors, and a
variable speed feed motor. We make use of circuit
breakers in place of fuses for long term economy of
Simple local power & status panel for PC based servo system
Radio remote control interface panel for handheld wireless pendant
To the left is a 3 axis gantry
servo control panel. This
system used traditional analog
servo amplifiers with a Delta
Tau PC-104 format (very
small) controller (below) in
conjunction with windows
based CNC software. The
system had a travel of  92 x 96
(x & y) with a continuous
rotary "w" axis. The system
was capable of feedrates of
550 in/min. as delivered but
was designed to be capable of
doubling that feedrate if
3 Axis Servo Drive system with power supply in Nema 4 enclosure
Below are some basic Filterpress control panels and plate shifter controls. A filterpress is a batch filtration device with typically plastic plates on which filter cloth is
draped. The press is used to clamp the plates to form a seal around the perimeter of the plates. Slurry is pumped into cavities in the body of the plates called
chambers. The slurry passes through the filter cloth lining the chamber separating the liquid from the solids in the slurry. The liquid then passes through sealed
channels out of the press, while the solids are left in the chamber. When the batch is complete the solids have formed semi dry "cakes" in the chambers between
plates. Some filterpress plates are as small as 250mm (10") square and are easily separated by the operator to remove the cakes in the chambers, however some
plates can be as big as 2000mm (79") square and weigh hundreds of pounds when laden with cake. Typically on presses larger than 630mm or where process
chemicals are hazardous to the operator, a plate shifiting mechanism is installed to shift (separate) the plates mechanically using hydraulic or pneumatic power. Here
at Fox Prints,  we have designed a full compliment of filterpresses, press hydraulic systems, plate shifters, drip trays, roll bars and a host of associated equipment as
well as control systems for press equipment in use at plants in the US, Canada, Mexico, Korea, and on offshore equipment for a major press manufacturer. Our
equipment designs are currently in use in companies like Dupont, GE, Kerr McGee, Kodak Polychrome, BP, Unifirst, Amalgamated sugar, Exide batteries, James
Hardie, and many more.
handheld corded pendant operator
Twin control panels pre-wired for installation in enclosures
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Our setworks systems feature color touchscreen operator interfaces with custom application design as shown here with a overhead
dog carriage sharp chain scragg mill. The system shown allows the operator to pre-select a dimensional cant size while randomly
positioning the bands for the desired opening face. The operator can then take preset or random board sets on each face equally or
unequally while the display constantly informs the operator of the number of sets remaining until the cant size is achieved. While
making board sets the system automatically accounts for kerf. Once no more sets can be made the system automatically positions
the bands for the pre-set cant dimension on the next set trigger. This allows the operator to keep his mind on production while
automating optimization.
Radio remote control interface panel for handheld wireless pendant
Here we have utilized a radio remote
controller to replace a traditional corded
pendant control for a filterpress shifter control.
This simple box eliminated the need for a
sliding cable festooning track and all the
associated custom support brackets required,
allowing for very simple installation on existing
equipment without the need for an engineering
visit to design appropriate hardware for the
traditional festooning system. The hardware
cost for this system is roughly equal to the
hardware cost of the festooning system,
however the installation and maintenance costs
are virtually eliminated.
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