To emphasize our commitment to hydraulic cylinder repair and custom building we have added some
new equipment that has increased our turning capacity. Of course we still offer general CNC &
manual machining services, custom 1 off's to production runs....
contact us for a quote or fill out our new cylinder quote sheet for custom built cylinders!
Below is a partial list of our equipment.
Our new high torque cylinder assembly/disassembly bench. a hydraulically operated adjustable whench capable
of appling up to 10,000 Ft-Lbs of torque for servicing todays high performance mobile equipment hydraulic
cylinders. Shown in the photo above is a Caterpillar excavator cylinder being torqued after seal replacement.
The tool to the right is a universal spanner wrench for removing stubborn glands and gland nuts with ease, it can
be used in either a 2 or 3 jaw configuration with forged steel hooks as shown or with face pin arms (not shown).
Max part length is 10ft (longer benches can be special ordered), spanner wrench range is 2" -  10" and fits over
a 4" max. rod and should not be used at over 3000 ft-lbs, max. rod eye or cylinder dimension (to fit in torque
tube) 9 1/4" . If you are interested in purchasing a bench, the hex wrench and universal spanner wrench please
contact us .   ($5000 + freight)
Our new 21" x 80" Clausing Colchester
The 1st job turned on the Clausing, a new 125mm (5") bore
cylinder tube for a John Deere 624H articulated wheeled
loader. Rebuilding this cylinder with a new tube and rod, and
repairing the gland and piston, saved the customer $2700
over the cost of a new cylinder from John Deere!!
Matsuura MC-500V 6000RPM Spindle
Matsuura MC-500V
Watch a video
clip of this
or changing tools
Matsuura MC-500V vertical machining center. High precision and high productivity translates into high quality at lower cost for
you. This machine has a 16 tool auto-changer and a 6000rpm spindle. We have well over 100 tool holders for this machine
including tapping toolholders allowing for machine finished parts, less secondary operations = lower machining cost.
Series 1 Bridgeport CNC
R2E3 Bridgeport Series 1 CNC
Bridgeport R2E3, this machine is used mostly as
a testbed for retrofits, but can be pressed into
general service if required
Bridgeport Series I CNC, this machine is used
mostly as a testbed for stepper system retrofits,
and also as an engraving machine. It's high
reliability allows us to run complex engraving
programs unattended.
Cincinnati Hydrashift lathe
Turning a large cylinder clevis on the Cincinnati
using a faceplate setup. Click on the image to see a
video of this highly unusual setup in action! (2MB)
Cincinnati Hydrashift 15" x 36" Engine lathe. This has been retrofitted to a variable
speed drive for infinite speed adjustment. With our new lathe in service this machine
is slated to become the testbed for our lathe CNC retrofit packge in development.
10 x 16 inch bandsaw
New bandsaw increasing our stock cutting
capacity to 10" x 17" max. A surprisingly
accurate machine, theres nothing quite like a
brand new toy - ahh I mean machine!
New Lincoln Power Mig 255 welder with digital
voltage and speed controls. Very smooth welder!
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