We may require additional information to complete your order, please be sure
your contact email is accurate, if we need to contact you & you cannot be reached,
your order will be held.
Please read the item titles carefully for a description of the application it fits.

If you don't find exactly the part you're looking for please email us & include the
equipment make, equipment type (i.e. backhoe-loader, bulldozer, loader etc.),
equipment model number, what the cylinder does (i.e. bucket, boom, blade, etc.)
& if you have it, the cylinder number, OE part number, equipment serial # etc. We
will hunt for the right kit for your machine.

Kits do not include instructions, read and follow equipment manufacturers'
instructions for replacing seals. Some kits may include extra parts because they
are made to fit the design variations of a particular model. Kits for rod glands with
press in metallic bearings (such as bronze) generally will not contain a
replacement bearing, however phenolic & plastic bearings are normally (but not
always) included. If a bearing is available separately we will let you know. Because
seal designs are continuously improving, and because of possible previous
repairs, some kits may have a different seal design than the seal you remove,
however, unless the original seal grooves were machined in a previous repair the
replacement seals should fit & function properly.
Never attempt to
service a pressurized cylinder, or a cylinder connected to
a load, never use air or hydraulic pressure to disassemble
a cylinder.

Most orders ship within 24 hours, if an item is out of stock, we will notify you ASAP.
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